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      Model SF-W Automatic Single Row Tray-less Biscuit Packaging Machine with Servo Motor

      Model SW Automatic Single Row Tray-less Biscuit Packaging Machine with Servo Motor

      Suitable for fast packaging of the biscuit, wafer and other slice, round and regular items without pallet.

      This series is an full automatic packaging machine specially designed for assembly packing of biscuits and waffle without pallet, this can realize fast packing of several pieces of biscuits in single row. Biscuits finish being automatically packed without pallet. Because the pallets save the cost about 0.05 yuan per package, it can save millions of yuan for manufacturers for one year, which will bring a lot of benefits to manufacturers.

      Over 100 global famous food enterprises,such as Danone, Kraft, Shanghai Sanniu, Guangdong Jiashili, Shanghai Jiatong Riqing, Kellogg, Geek, Dingfu, Meidan, Singapore Kangyuan Group, Qingyuan, Yidong, Indonesia Asia, Indonesia Unibis and over 100 global famous food enterprise.


      1. Single servo motor with higher control precision realize step-less control and dynamic adjusting during operation.
      2.Large colored touch screen store, pick up, automatically adjust, track, find cutting point, alarm, indicate barriers, accumulatively count packs, bag length and speed automatic display, which can realize precise cut and seal.
      3.With photo-cell detecting the color mark and dual-tracing system, this machine can effectively eliminate any packing error and avoid materials waste.
      New type vertical sealing design makes the seal at low temperature, which effectively reduces the film burning and packing wastes.
      5.Bag length and speed automatic display can realize precise cut and seal.
      6.Greatly save the cost without pallet
      7.It can design cross production line and save space.

      Main Technical Data

      Film Width(mm) 450
      Size of Package     
      L: Length(mm)
      B: Width(mm)
      H: Height(mm)
      H:35~ 70
      Packing Speed
      ( Bag/min )
      Dimension (mm) 5000×960×1750
      Film Material compound Film of heat seal:
      OPP/PE,PT/PE,AL/PE, etc
      Total Weight(kg) 1300
      Main Power Single phase 220V,50HZ
      Total Power 5KW

      The actual technical data is changeable for different products and packing requirements. Please be subject to confirmation of both parties.