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      Dutifully Shangde Cheng letter harmony and win-win

      Advocate - a clear and passion; against - try to shift cold

      Qingdao Matsumoto packaging machinery companies in more than seven years of rapid development, always keep in mind the social responsibility, social development, I remember the development of the motherland in trouble my ambition to contribute! From the flood to SARS; to African children from the Indian Ocean tsunami relief; to Zhouqu debris from the earthquake ... ... whenever the needs of society, that they will leave Matsumoto Group selfless presence. In 2008, Matsumoto hand Qingdao Red Cross Foundation, the first donation 100 thousand yuan, employees donate up to million yuan, and actively aided the establishment of a private foundation --- the famous Castle One Foundation; to mid-2010, Qingdao Matsumoto Group has accumulated in various social activities, donate up to 1 million yuan.

      We firmly believe that we will do more ... ...