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      Qingdao Songben Packing Machinery Co., LtdWas established in November 1, 2003, is a professional manufacturer automatic pillow packing machine, large-scale automatic Gong material production lines, packaging machinery related to supporting electronic products, international import and export trade of the national high-tech enterprises. Matsumoto International Trade Co., Ltd. consists of Qingdao, Qingdao turquoise Electronics Co., Ltd., is headquartered in Qingdao, Shandong Province, an area of 50 acres, the registered capital of 5 million yuan, fixed assets of 30 million yuan, annual output 50 million yuan . Company in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, Zhongshan, etc. Yishui and more than ten provinces and cities nationwide, with offices. The introduction of similar products in domestic and foreign advanced technology under the premise that after complete self-development, formed a complete system for automatic Packing Machine Series products and get home and abroad customers. Strong technical force, technical talent, far ahead in the industry, with senior professional titles and more than 20 engineers and technicians. Now the company has the capacity of producing high-grade automatic pillow packing machine 500 sets of production capacity, is the largest production base for automatic pillow packing machine. Company produces a full range of packaging machine, fully automatic horizontal (pillow) Universal high-speed packaging machines, shrink packing machines and heat shrink oven, no care box biscuits pillow packing machine, the next film under the feed sent to a collection of packaging machine , single row or row a big collection of packaging machines, multi-row box without trust and carbon wheel biscuit packaging machine coding machine more than ten kinds of products. Can be widely used in bags or barrels rice noodle vermicelli noodles and other convenience foods, irregular round or square biscuits, snow rice cakes, packing various solid regular, crackers, chocolate, chocolate, dairy, beverage, cups sour yogurt, sorbet , wafer, noodles (wrap noodles), steamed film, disinfection tableware, disposable tableware disinfection, soap, daily necessities, cosmetics, cards, medicine, medicine boxes, medicine board, infusion bags, medicines, rolls of toilet paper, sanitary products, moon cake, pastries, bread, stationery, magazines, fresh vegetables, seafood, seafood, frozen food, frozen food (frozen dumpling, frozen small steamed bread, frozen balls, etc.) and other solid products packaging. Products using the latest technology in Japan, the main electrical components transmission components are selected from the Japan, Germany and other developed countries, performance is stable, reliable, simple, deeply user's trust, is the enterprise to automate and scale of operation will be selected device. With the "winning technology, service first" business philosophy, Qingdao Matsumoto Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. has become a pioneer of science and technology industry, launched the first domestic and international advanced level can be comparable to the new SG Series Automatic 3 / 5 servo installed without prop tuberous padding, first SF-CW-automatic servo-type multi-row no care box set packaging machine, the first full open architecture of SF-C-automatic high speed pillow packing machine dual-servo, s a SF-R-type automatic feeding servo-type shrink packaging machine production line, the first Taiwan and Japan OM automatic high-speed cartoning machines and more. Our products cover the food, dairy, beverage, hardware, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and other industries.

      “Wei offer their customers really need the product, for users to solve problems Ta Men's Bao Zhuang, "based on the idea, Gong Si actively develop new products, 不斷 Yinjin from Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Japan and other countries of advanced technology that allows their The products always walk in the forefront of packaging machinery industry, sincere cooperation with customers in many industries allows us to become a professional packaging machinery consultant users. "Integrity, service, innovation, development" is the company's business objectives and service concept. We are guided by the principle of good faith for the market to reward high-quality customer service and continuous pursuit of innovation, hard work, to make packaging machinery Co., Ltd. Qingdao Matsumoto, more development and growth in stability. With advanced technology, reliable quality, reasonable price, perfect service, Qingdao Packing Machinery Co., Ltd. has become a well-known packaging machinery industry leading enterprises. The company follows faith, service, innovation, development of business purpose, adhering to unity, positive, optimistic values of collaboration, is willing to seek common development with the community, long-term stable cooperative relations, the company warmly welcomes domestic and overseas come to visit the guidance .